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  • No More Digestive Problems: your lovely pet might suffer from many tummy issues. Pet probiotics for dogs can help with bloating, stool quality, stomach discomfort, bringing joy & happiness to your pet.
  • Natural Ingredients: these canine probiotic treats are enriched with 3 billion cfu’s, pumpkin, & papaya – the perfect blend to support healthy digestion and help promote proper intestinal microflora.
  • Immunity & Allergy Support: dog probiotic chews are also vital for a dog’s immunity. This pet supplement helps with hot spots, itching, allergies, & bad breath caused by a poor digestive system.
  • For All Dogs: even if your dog is a picky eater, he will definitely love these 180 soft probiotic dog chews with delicious duck flavor and pleasant scent. Perfect for all dog breeds, sizes, ages.
  • Fun-to-Use Treats: chewable probiotic treats are easy-to-chew and use without any need to waste time inventing tricks to make your dog eat them. For any info you can contact us 24/7 – we’ll gladly assist you.

About this Item

A canine’s digestive system is very complex. Usually, pathogens do not survive in a dog’s digestive system because of very low Ph. However, some common digestive problems in dogs occur because of abrupt changes in diet, trauma, the foreign body, or parasitic engorgement in the stomach.

Some common digestive issues occur because of dysbiosis in the GIT. These problems include acute and chronic inflammation, low levels of tryptophan and other metabolites due to reducing absorption, stomach pain, and diarrhea.

Live Probiotic supplements are helpful to reduce the incidence of these digestive problems. They reduce diarrhea and gas production in the stomach. This microbiota enhances the metabolic activity and efficient utilization of nutrients by the animals.


The probiotic chews for dogs by Artullano contain all-natural products which increase the efficiency of your dog’s gut. Adding fibers and natural microbes to the diet of your pet will increase their gut efficiency. Keeping this in mind, we have the best probiotic supplement for your pet. It contains the following ingredients:


Pumpkins are rich in fibers, minerals, and vitamins. They are famous for treating common digestive problems like diarrhea and constipation. It is rich in carbohydrates and provides energy instantly. Pumpkin reduces the risk of obesity and prevents overeating in dogs. It also reduces cholesterol accumulation in the body.


Papaya contains the proteolytic enzyme papain, which improves food metabolism in canines. It contains carotenoids which synthesize vitamins and boost immunity. Papaya is also rich in water, around 88 percent, and fibers. It improves intestinal motility and maintains the water content in the gut.


CFU stands for colony-forming units of bacteria. These are the gut microflora that is provided to the dogs as a supplement. On average, 3-5 billion CFUs are good to improve the intestinal health of dogs. These bacteria work in collaboration with natural intestinal bacteria and aids in digestion.

Artullano Probiotic Chews


These probiotic chews are rich in health benefits because of their natural ingredients. They support the GIT and boost up immunity of your dogs. The health benefits of these supplements are as follows.

Artullano Probiotic Chews


It is rich in the components that are used in ancient medicine to treat digestive issues. The pumpkin provides water and fibers to ease digestion. Papaya contains enzymes that speed up the metabolic process. And, the bacterial colonies help to improve intestinal motility in your pets.


The probiotic chews for puppies with diarrhea, contain natural herbs which improve the immunity of your pets. This pumpkin is rich in beta carotenoids which synthesize vitamins A and C. These vitamins strengthen the immunity system. Papaya is also rich in vitamin C.


These chews are beneficial for all age groups and breeds of dogs. There are no artificial additives and allergens. You can give them to young pups to boost up the immunity system. Puppies are more susceptible to digestive issues.


There are many infectious and non-infectious diseases associated with the canine GIT. These diseases can be because of viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Non-infectious disorders are because of feeding changes, low-quality feeds, stress, and lack of supplements in the dogs.


It is also known as colitis. It’s because of infectious causes. However, non-infectious causes include electrolyte imbalance in the body and sudden food changes. The immune system of the intestine activates and produces inflammatory changes in the intestine.

The dogs feel difficulty defecating, and sometimes blood also appears in the stool. To treat this condition, it is better to provide food rich in fibers and water content. The pumpkin extracts in the dog colitis probiotic treat help to resolve this problem.


It is difficult or complete blockage of defecation in the dogs. This condition occurs if the food is low in fiber and water. The fibers are non-digestible material, but they help to maintain the consistency of stool. It keeps the feces soft and easy to pass from the digestive tract. The probiotic chews contain papaya that is known to treat constipation.


It is a condition that occurs because of the accumulation of gases and fluid in the stomach. It can also arise if the dog is fearful, eating too fast, or having an only dry feed. In this condition, the animal will feel pain and the stomach appears like a balloon filled with gas. Papaya is helpful to treat this condition because it contains enzymes that assist protein breakdown and absorption.


It is the inflammation of the stomach that occurs after eating something irritating. This condition can lead to diarrhea and vomiting in the dogs. In severe cases, there is digested blood in the stool or vomitus. It is important to boost the immunity of your dog. The probiotic chews by ARTULLANO are best for this purpose.

Artullano Probiotic Chews


  1. Which foods can cause digestive problems in my dog?

Foods that are excessively dry and coarse can damage gastric mucosa. Similarly, a high-fat diet and a low-fiber diet can cause obesity in dogs.

  1. Is there are condition like dry dog food allergy?

Yes, dogs can have a dry dog food allergy but, it does not appear as an emergency condition. It develops over time, leading to constipation and stomach ulceration.

  1. Do some dogs experience chicken allergies?

Yes, some dogs are allergic to chicken protein as well. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and itching on the skin.

  1. What is the best way to prevent digestive problems in dogs?

The best way to prevent digestive problems in dogs is by providing them with supplements for gut health. These supplements must include natural ingredients. The probiotic chews by ARTULLANO are the best solution for your pets.

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