About us

Who We Are

Artullano Pet Care is all set to enhance your pet’s life quality by aiming at particular goals. We do it in various forms; ensuring the provision of chews that will promote joint health in your dogs, make them regain their running, avoid itching in pups, or something like a treat that will make their gums and teeth healthy.

Here we have a qualified and dedicated team keen to do several types of research as a quality control program. Our primary purpose is to utilize top-quality ingredients like minerals, vitamins, and amino acids for pet food. Our topmost priority is to ensure our quality commitment. So, you can trust us!

Building loving, thriving, and active communities around the love of cats, dogs, and all pets no matter their size or shape, is especially important to all of us here at Artullano Pet Care. We are so proud to have thriving communities on Facebook, Reddit, and around the globe; digitally and physically.

About us


We’re very proud to be and we will always put our before profit.

About us

Our Impact

We personally strive to help animals in need.  We are committed to helping in animal rescue efforts, starting with the organization of adoption events and fundraising and ending with donations, as far as our resources allow. We are very grateful to our customers for choosing the Artullano brand for so many years.

Mission & Promise

Our Mission is to provide a curated assortment of the best contemporary pet products on the market, with a focus on thoughtful design and production.

Our Promise is to provide you with a top assortment of safe, quality products produced with our precious pets in mind. We don’t stock anything that we wouldn’t – or haven’t – used with our own pets!