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  • Allergy Support: itchy skin, swollen eyes, & runny nose – signs of dog seasonal allergies. Our chews contain a blend of active ingredients to support a normal histamine response to external stimulus.
  • Dog Immune Booster: allergies happen when the immune system starts to lose allergen tolerance. We made our chews to support the immune system and help normalize the digestion & detoxification process.
  • Skin-Related Problems: our hemp chews are specially formulated with colostrum, which promotes a moderate immune response & helps to manage the itching, reduce hot spots, & discomfort for your dog.
  • Formulated with Love: we made our dog allergy chews with natural ingredients and free of added sugar, wheat, & corn. We are sure – our product will become a trusted aid for dogs of all breeds & ages.
  • A Brand You Trust: we do everything for your furry friend & hope you’ll enjoy all benefits of our product. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us 24/7. Let’s keep your pet healthy together.

About this Item

Allergy is an immune response of the body to combat environmental factors. It can have different causative agents for specific animals. Dogs usually suffer from food allergies, pollen allergies, and insect protein allergies. However, signs of these allergic reactions are mostly similar in all pets.

Some common signs of these allergies include running nose, watery eyes, sneezing, or excessive itching in the nose and eyes. These signs can aggravate and become a serious health concern. To prevent these conditions, we advise you to use Allergy Relief Chews by ARTULLANO.

These allergy immune bites packed with love and nutrition reduce the signs of an allergic reaction in your dogs. The active ingredients also boost the immune system of your dog and keep them healthy.


The constant scratching on your dog’s body can lead to many other skin conditions as well. It can also cause behavioral changes in pets. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a soothing effect for these dogs as soon as possible using pet allergy chews.

If your dog is itching like crazy and you don’t want to expose it to harmful chemicals, this product is for you. It contains all the natural products from plants that are beneficial for allergic conditions.

This product includes the following components.


It is an ancient plant that aids the liver in the efficient detoxification of harmful agents in the blood. In allergy, the pathogens enter the bloodstream, and the liver removes them effectively using this Bardock.


Marshmallow root is a demulcent that acts as mucilage. It enhances the production of mucus to soothe irritation and Itching. These dog allergy immune treats cleanout pathogens from the respiratory tract of the dog.


It is a known effective parasite repellent. Insects and their toxic proteins cause many allergies in canines. This component helps to keep the pests away from your dogs.


It is an herb that works as an antihistaminic agent. It reduces the concentration of inflammatory mediators released in the body after an allergy. It helps to reduce redness, swelling, itching, and pain in the affected areas.


Turmeric has both antihistaminic and decongestant properties. It reduces inflammation and covers up the runny nose and watery eyes. It effectively removes the sputum from the airways.


It is also known as cannabidiol. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that are necessary for a shiny hair coat. Some antioxidants in hemp oil reduce inflammation by preventing oxidative damage to healthy cells.

These chews contain all the natural ingredients necessary for the health of your dogs. It has the following advantages:


These chews contain natural herbs which keep the digestive tract healthy. The intestines of the animals contain bacteria that help them in the digestion of complex proteins. These chews promote the growth of these bacteria.


It contains all the components that reduce inflammation and redness on the skin. These natural herbs contain antihistaminic and anti-inflammatory compounds. These compounds reduce itching and rashes due to skin allergies. They also provide flea allergy relief to your pets.


When your dog has a weaker immunity, allergies and other diseases cause extensive damage. These chews contain immune boosters which, reduce the allergies in the pets. Quercetin is a compound famous for immunity development and skin allergies.


The decongestants present in this supplement are helpful to open the blocked airways. It promotes are removal of sputum and lets your dog breathe freely.


An allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction of the body’s immune system against a specific type of pathogen. This pathogenic agent can live like an insect or bacteria. It can be nonliving agents like pollens, dust particles, etc.

Allergies in dogs can be seasonal. For example, your pet is more likely to get an allergy in spring if they are allergic to pollens. Insects are more prevalent in summer, and so are insect-related allergies.

These pathogens enter the bloodstream of the animal white blood cells and start an immune response. The mast cells produce histamines which, along with other inflammatory mediators, try to remove this pathogen.

Some food allergies are usually inherited. Many dog breeds are allergic to wheat, gluten, and corn. To prevent these allergies, it is necessary to manage the food of these dogs wisely. In severe cases of food allergies, emergency stomach cleanup is necessary.

Common signs of these allergies are rashes, itching, redness, swelling around the face or ears. If there are bugs in the ear causing allergies, there will be severe pruritus on the face. These allergic reactions can become lethal, and animals can go in shock.

Food allergies cause vomiting, retching, and dehydration in the pets. In severe cases, it can cause stasis in the GIT tract and cause constipation. Food allergies are usually an emergency condition.


  1. What is the best way to prevent and treat these allergies in pets?

It is preferable to use natural products like Allergy Relief Chews by ARTULLANO. This product comprises all the natural herbs that can prevent and treat allergies in dogs. It also provides flea allergy relief to dogs.

  1. Are there any allergies caused by viruses or bacteria?

Pollens, foods, and insects usually cause hypersensitivity reactions. However, bacteria and viruses can attack and proliferate on itching wounds. You can use dog skin allergy medications to prevent this.

  1. What is desensitization therapy for allergies?

If your pet suffers from recurrent allergies, you can find out the causative agent from a blood test. Based on this test, they give the serum to the dog to prevent future allergies.

  1. How do I treat food allergies to my dogs?

Food allergy is usually because of the proteins of carbohydrates in dogs. They show GIT signs and do not respond to steroids. They require drugs that manipulate intestinal motility.

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