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  • Keeps Your Lawn Green: grass saver for dogs helps reduce the amount of nitrogen in your dog’s urine to keep your grass green. You can make sure that your lawn won’t be destroyed by yellow pee spots.
  • Healthy Gut Flora & Urinary Tract: green lawn chews for dogs help keep your dog’s bladder and digestive system healthy. Support normal ph levels in your dog’s urine, digestion, bowel, & stomach health.
  • Premium Quality: our dog urine neutralizer for lawn is rich in natural probiotics, enzyme blend, cranberry, acv, yucca, dl-methionine. Made in the USA. High quality 180 chews for supporting dog’s health.
  • Tasty and Easy-to-Use: our grass burn spot chews for dogs come in soft chew form – no more hiding pills or powders in your dog’s food. Chews are fun-to-use due to their yummy duck flavor & pleasant scent.
  • Maximum Potency For Dog’s Health: as our dog chews are made to support your dog’s health, we are always here for you. Contact us 24/7 to get all necessary info & help. Let’s aid your dog

About this Item

You cannot stop your dog from peeing on the lawn, but you can stop urine from ruining the grass safely and effectively. These chewy delights are lawn savers for dogs and owners without any harmful chemicals and ingredients. Natural probiotics and enzyme blend with cranberry extract and yucca are a treat for your dogs’ digestive system and urinary tract. Every dog pee grass saver treat comes in duck flavor and great taste. The fun to use pills keeps the ph. Level other chemicals level normal and safe for your awn grass and urinary tract of your beloved pet.Artullano Green Lawn Chews

Natural ingredients

The natural ingredient in these pills to keep dog urine from killing grass works wonders. When you offer these chewy delights with a beautiful treat, you ensure the safety and health of your beloved friend. Apple cider, yucca and cranberry with probiotics provide the perfect blend of lawn saver supplements for dogs. You get to save your lawn with a healthy treat of your dog’s digestive health without any side effects.

Cranberry extracts, probiotics and yucca in these lawn saver pills for dogs make them a safe and healthy treat. The perfect blend of enzymes and apple cider lower the nitrogen level and other harsh chemicals in dog urine to make it a win-win for both the dogs and the owners.


You love your canine buddy, but you don’t want your lawn to look like an amazon at one place and Sahara at the other. Stay green bites safe for dogs are a savior for flora and fauna by protecting against harmful dog urine.


Artullano Green Lawn Chews

Are green lawn chews safe for dogs?

A perfect blend of enzymes with high-quality natural products is proven safe for all breeds and age dogs. You don’t have to worry about any side effects from the ingredients to any particular breed. These stay green bites are safe for the flora and digestive and urinary system of your dog. The ingredients in these green grass pills for dogs help your canine keep the nitrogen and other acidic chemicals to a safe level—reducing acidic chemicals and safe ph. The level will ensure good health for dogs and lush looks for grass.

Artullano Green Lawn Chews

Frequently asked questions 

  • Q: Are these chews safe for dogs with Urinary tract infections?
    Natural ingredients make these chewable safe and healthy, but you must consult your vet if your dog is suffering from any disease or infection.
  • Q: Is my dog killing the grass?
    If you see patches of dead grass at the most or less favorite places of your dog, you can create the whole picture.
  • Q: Is “Green Lawn Chews” by Artulano safe for dogs?
    All the natural ingredients make this profit safe for dogs of all ages.
  • Q: How this product works?
    This product works on neutralizing the excessive amount of nitrogen to prevent the grass on your lawn.

    Artullano Green Lawn Chews

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